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November 23, 2017
By JacquelineGomez BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
JacquelineGomez BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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I recently started watching a show called Glee and in my opinion, it's actually a really good show.I personally think that it truly describes how high school is going to be. I also like how there are some scenes where you can tell that the cameraman is walking because the camera is shaking.

The reason that I think that this show describes how high school is going to be is that all the football players and cheerleaders are really popular and most of them are going out with each other. They basically rule the school. For example,  Kurt keeps on getting shoved into the locker because he dresses up like a girl. Or how Karofsky keeps on throwing slushies into Rachel's face just because she's in glee club. Or how some of the football players joined the glee club and the rest of the team started to make fun of them for that.

Also, in this show, there are many people that are gay or lesbian. I love how the characters in the glee club support them, but sadly, many of them still get bullied. Some have had to transfer schools because the bullying got so bad. For example, Kurt had to transfer to an all boy's school because many of the football players kept on bullying him.

I honestly really love this show. I think a lot of people could relate to this show and I would recommend for other people to start watching this show too.

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