November 21, 2017
By hm@desa BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
hm@desa BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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 What is the first thing you think of when you hear the world supernatural? I thought of ghost and ghost hunting. That never really interested me I don’t think there would be much to the show. Just people killing a ghost, but I soon realized it’s a lot more than that.

I was skeptical at first about the whole idea of a show about ghost hunting.I didn’t think there could be much of a storyline or have anything interesting happen. But I gave it a chance and I wasn’t disappointed.this show doesn’t just die ghost hunting it covers almost all the scary monsters you could hear about from vampires to ghouls and it’s all so well thought of for each character and monster. 

The characters have a great good backstory and it makes the show very interesting and thrilling to watch. Their mom was killed by a demon with yellow eyes on the ceiling of Sam's nursery. That same demon gave sam demon blood which made him a very powerful person. Dean is Sam's older brother and they have been together their whole lives. Their dad went in search of the demon and brought the kids along the way. During the time of the search dean and his dad came across many other dangerous monsters and made it their job to kill the ones that were harming others. It has become sort of a family business that has been passed down after their dad died. Like I said very interesting storyline.

That isn't all that great about this show. Another great thing about this show is that no matter how insignificant a person or thing maybe they will eventually come back or be a big step in the storyline of the show. Ghost from three seasons before may make an appearance in the latest season as something important in that episode.Bobby, for example, started off as just one of their dad's old friends that they called to help them in an episode in the first season. Now he is a great asset to the team and has helped the brothers out with almost every case they have had.and is recently helping them figure out a way to help them stop Lucifer from destroying the world.

Another example of this is the angel Castiel. Castiel is an angel of the Lord who in the beginning was just an angel that dragged Dean out of hell and helped him save his brother. Now he is a very important angel who rebelled to help the brothers defeat lots of demons and rogue angel. From what I heard will also continue to be on the show and help them fight monsters and everything “supernatural”.

Another thing that is so great about this show is their relationships on and off camera. As far as the show goes the characters have such a good brother relationships. The actors do such a good job to express everything the character might be feeling like sadness disappointment or happiness and hope. They are willing to die for each other over and over again. To sacrifice their souls for each other countless times over and over again. Even offset they have a good brotherly relationship. Like they both attended each other's weddings along with cast member Misha Collins. They also play around a lot. They goof around on set with each other. It's just they are almost complete opposites from what their characters are. Like Jensen Ackles plays the funny charismatic one of the brothers while offset he is the more serious one of the two. On the other hand, Jared Padalecki who plays Sam in the show which is a serious more focused brother is actually the goofball in this duo.

This show is amazing and has such Jared fan base I'm surprised it's not that big and popular. But in conclusion, supernatural is very well developed and thought out show that has good character development, backstory, good characters and a wonderful cast that love each other on and offset

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I hope that is article helps people open up their mind to new things like I did when I was told about this show.

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