November 21, 2017
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tana18 BRONZE, Bangalore, Other
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Magnifying glass in your pocket, a torch in your hand, penknife in the other and a Nancy Drew book in your bookshelf.

Ever had all of this?

If yes, welocme to the world of Sherlock Holmes, the world's most  famous consulting detective.

To delve into the world of Sherlock is something very magical and enchanting to mystery/crime lovers. Therefore, to all of you Sherlock fans out there, I recommend watching BBC Sherlock produced by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch(who has justified his role excellently), has portrayed himself as a brilliant, aloof ,arrogant and socially awkward person who is not very good in relationships. He never understood why we bothered studying if the moon revolved around the earth or the earth around the sun.

Just in time, he meets John Watson(Martin Freeman), a one of a kind person, who is the only one who can actually put Sherlock back in place.

But there's just one person out there, who can actually match Sherlock's insanity. Jim Moriarty(Andrew Scott), the consulting criminal. Sherlock and Moriarty consider themselves 'super intellegent' and find everyone else 'ordinary', thus prompting them to play games with each other at the risk of people's life because they are 'bored'.

Sherlock also has many acquaintances- Greg Lestrade(probably the best officer in Scotlandyard), Molly Hooper and Mrs Hudson who help him in solving cases.

The police consult Sherlock too but have learnt not to question Sherlock regarding his mindblowing deductions. But Sherlock never learnt that what is most 'obvious' to him is not 'obvious' to everyone else.

Overall this is a very entertaining and funny show with suspense and brilliant deductions. It is also set in the modern times  which makes it easy for us to relate to.The script is wonderfully written and the way of solving the cases is logical and awesome.

So, it's time to pull that Sherlock cap low over your face and whisk youself off to 221B Baker's Street!

The author's comments:

Sorry, Iam still catching up with my brain. Its terribly fast.

                                                      -Sherlock Holmes

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