November 16, 2017

Flash!!! When you hear it you think comic books. I think of The CW and all of its wonderful glory. The Flash has so many amazing characters. The dramatics keep you on the edge of your seat. It makes you feel connected to you and no one else like you in the show.

The Flash consists of five main characters and one occasional character who comes and goes. The first and main character is Bartholomew "Barry” Henry Allen, also known as “Flash”.  During the day he works as a CSI for the Central City Police. Barry's mother was murdered when Barry was 11 right in front of his eyes, his father Henry Allen was charged with the murder of his mother even though he was innocent. Barry then went to live with his childhood best friend Iris West, and her father Joe West. Barry fell in love with Iris at the tender age of 12, when he didn't know what love was. Iris later confronted Barry about his feelings then leading to some unresolved problems and arguments. Iris West soon to be Iris West-Allen, worked together with a few others as a team to take Metahuman criminals down in Central City. Next, we have Caitlin Snow. Caitlin Snow has a degree in Biomedical Engineering and works as Barry’s doctor when he is hurt after fighting metahumans. Caitlin has superpowers or metahuman abilities from a dark matter wave four years ago, creating her to become the Killer Frost. Cisco Ramon has a degree in mechanical engineering. He was also struck by the dark matter wave giving them abilities to become vibe, the  Teleporting Transdimensional Meta-Human. Joe West is a detective for the Central City Police Department. Even though Joe doesn't have a scientific degree, he still helps by coordinating with the police department to help the team stop criminals. Next, we have Harrison “Harry” Wells, who is a scientist.  Now there’s more than one Harrison Wells. There's a Harrison Wells from Earth 1, 2 and Earth 19. As a team, these six take the criminals from all across the multiverse and right here in their own city.

The dramatics of Flash is incredible. They keep you wound up and begging for more. There's always something new every week, every minute, every episode keeps you interested and alive. The music, the camera angles, the special effects are all tied together to make a perfect episode that makes you stay extremely intrigued. Even if you have to wait a whole seven days for Flash,  is an extremely long time, you keep coming back waiting to see what happens next. The writers and authors of Flash keep giving you secrets, but every time they reveal a secret another one pops up. Every time they answer a question another question comes up. Flash keeps you entertained on a weekly basis crossing over with a new character and other shows keeping everything tied into a final episode where everything gets revealed but more questions always pop up.

In the Flash you feel like you're a part of the show; like you're living the show yourself not like it's a TV show. Everything always feels real. Like you're a part of the show itself, sharing experiences with them for yourself not just watching it on your 22-inch flat screen in your bedroom on a Tuesday night. The storyline and the actors make you feel like you're an actor in the show, and you're watching this from your perspective. In actuality, you're not, but when you're in the show and looking at the dramatics of it it doesn't feel that way. When you're sitting in your bed or your chair on a Tuesday night at 6:59 PM waiting for the Flash logo to appear on your TV screen, you feel this rush of happiness or excitement because you get to see one of your favorite characters. You get to get questions answered that you don't know the answers the week before and you find new things that you never thought could be possible become possible.

In conclusion, The Flash Show as a whole is an amazing show!! It loves to keep watchers entertained and always wanting more, wondering what will happen next. The characters, the dramatics, the props, the special effects the angles all of it, will always keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to be told more. As stated before the Flash is absolutely a dreamy, intriguing, exciting, amazing show. The Flash has everything you could ever dream of, on the flash it gives you a family feeling, a feeling of warmth, and happiness that makes you feel like you fit in somewhere in the world.

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