The Vampire Diaries: Very Intense Show

November 22, 2017
By blahokay BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
blahokay BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Lainez, Karla N.  The Vampire Diaries

Developed by Kevin Williamson & Julie PLec

Based on book series with the same name written by L.J Smith.

The Vampire Diaries is about a vampire named Steffan Salvatore & all his struggles & pain when he became a vampire.

He arrives back to "Mystic Falls" whic is his hometown he went back to visit his distant nephew Zach. When he was there he saw Elena Gilbert a girl that resembles his past lover Katherine. Both of these girls are dopplegangers. There are many Steffan and Elena dopplegangers.

At the end of every season & episode there's always a cliffhanger. There are plenty of plot twists. You need to really watch the show in detail or you'll miss something important that can tie into something later. All of the characters are very special & unique each one has their personal story to tell. The 3 main character are Elena Gilbert, Damon and Steffan Salvatore.

Of course later on new characters are introduced, Steffan and Damon are vampires they're the Salvatore brothers. Elena is stuck in between bpth of them it's a love triangle. They both love her and she loves both of them too. This is exactly what happened to Katherine & the brothers back in the 1800's. Although Elena and Katherine look alike their personalties differ a lot. 

At first I was a bit spetical of the show, because it started off a bit corny. But then as I began to watch it more I liked it. I highly recommend this show it's a rollercoaster of emotions. 

The author's comments:

This show was so good and emotional I felt the actors really gave it thier all for the characters to be relatabke and make them be alive.

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