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The Flash, Is It Good?

November 20, 2017
By Joseph-___- BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Joseph-___- BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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The Flash is a popular TV show based on the popular DC comics published back in the day. A particle accelerator caused an explosion while Barry Allen was working in his laboratory and unexpectedly gets struck by lighting. Barry was in a coma for 9 months, he wakes up and starts experiencing weird things, he sees everything slowing down but it is actually that he is moving so fast everything around him seems to stop. I think that the Flash is a really good TV show because it is full of excitement and the producers know how to make the storyline interesting.
The story line is very good, interesting, and exciting which makes you want to keep binge watching the whole series. The series starts out as a suspenseful story of how Barry’s mom dies and his dad is declared guilty for something he didn’t commit. Barry declares to have seen a lighting bolt going around his mother but no one believed him. The series also has a comedy side as how Barry always ends up hurting himself by accident while running. In the Flash, Barry also seems to show a love interest to Iris but she has never showed any interest to him since they grew up like brothers. Overall the storyline is funny, suspenseful, exciting, sad, crazy, scientifically possible, and strange.
The quality animation of the show is outstanding. The animators do a good job at creating the blur behind The Flash when he is running around 800 Mph. The animations of the Metahumans (Humans with powers) are well developed for example when the guy who could control the weather created a tornado, the tornado looked realistic and very good. The gun shots look realistic too for example when Joe (Barry’s adopted father) shoots at the criminals the gun shots look very real. The blood looks realistic as well because when Barry gets hurt which is most of the time the make up artists do a very good job. Overall the animations are vibrant, well developed, realistic, artistic, creative, extraordinary, and it looks like it took them time to make them.
The creativity of this show is not bad but not the best. They have created different Metahumans that we have seen before like a man that can control fire, a man of steel, and a person who can control electricity. Most of us have seen these originals have already been in shows like superman or X-men. However, they have invented some new super powers like a person that can become poisonous gas. The creativity is not bad but not the best, therefore, they are overall unoriginal when it comes to creating new types of powers. Overall the creativity is fair, not too good but not too bad, and unoriginal.

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