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October 26, 2017
By elliepwilson21 BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
elliepwilson21 BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Who knew the Aloha State had so much crime within its paradise islands? The beautiful beaches, relaxing atmosphere, and Aloha spirit makes everyone want to visit, however it may not be as beautiful as it seems. From bank robberies to kidnappings, the task force from the popular television show, Hawaii Five 0, never fails to catch the bad guys. Head of the force, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, works alongside Detective Sergeant Danny Williams, Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, and Officer Kono Kalakaua. Steve’s daring and adventurous attitude makes each and every episode so intense and dramatic that you will find it almost impossible to take your eyes off of. Steve’s right hand man, Danny, also known as “Danno,” is a humorous character who is crucial to the task force. Cousins Chin and Kono are hardly ever seen apart, and they are always there to support each other along with the rest of the team. Throughout the first seven seasons, these characters are the core of the force, as other members come and go. Lou, Jerry, and Catherine are just a few of the minor characters that still manage to contribute in developing relationships throughout the show. The Five-0 task force travels near and far along the shores of Hawaii, catching criminals, kidnappers, and terrorists, never failing to do the job right

Hawaii Five-0 originally aired in 1968, according to IMDb, but a new, modern version aired on CBS in 2010. The seasons have aired from September to May of each year since 2010, and they were later added to online television websites such as Netflix and Hulu. Season 8 has just aired on television as of September 2017, and rumors have revealed that this will in fact be the last. Unfortunately, actors Daniel Dae Kim, as Chin Ho Kelly, and Grace Park, as Kono Kalakaua have decided as of the end of season 7 that they will no longer be on the show. These actors feel that they are not being paid as equally as Alex O’Loughlin (Steve) or Scott Caan (Danny). Without two of the main characters, the task force is not the same. However, Five-0 never fails to amaze, and I have no doubt that the producers will find a way to keep the show action-packed and jaw dropping despite Chin and Kono’s absences.


According to IMDb, Hawaii Five-0 has consistently been rated 7.4/10 stars, which seems to be an understatement. Between the constant action and thrill, it is nearly impossible to dislike this show. From Steve and Danny’s “brotherly love” relationship to everyone’s favorite couple, Steve and Catherine, there are so many lively relationships to adore. This modern version of Hawaii-Five 0 is filled with love, family, action, and mystery that no television lover should want to miss. The action and crime balances itself out with the characters’ personal lives to make this show incomparable to any other action series. The ominous catchphrase of “Five-0, drop your weapon” is something that no criminal among the islands wants to hear, for those words signify that they are no match to this undefeatable task force.

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