Game of Thrones

June 6, 2017
By philadelphia BRONZE, Lewes, Delaware
philadelphia BRONZE, Lewes, Delaware
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“When You Play The Game Of Thrones You Win Or Die”- Cersei Lannister

The hit HBO original series “Game of Thrones” is one for the ages with its iconic stance on medieval history infused with supernatural components that give the series a special place in modern day TV. The show, based upon the novel collection “A Song Of Ice And Fire” written by George R.R. Martin entitles everything that makes his books truly arousing.

In the show, there are 7 kingdoms in the realm of Westeros. With the new, acerbic ruler of Westeros, King Joffery, coming into power, a rebellion is sparked within the realm, and the kingdoms of Westeros head their individual ways in pursuit of both power and the iron throne. And as if things couldn’t get more complicated: “Winter is coming.”  Not like any other ordinary winter, this is one to last for years; filled with unparalleled evils (particularly the snow zombies known by as white walkers), all of Westeros waits in fear and uncertainty for the approach of winter.   

Action is one of the strongest principles that Game of Thrones entitles. All action lovers highly admire the show’s excessive emphasis on violence as more than just a quick two-minute scene. The battle of Blackwater Bay, the battle of Castle Black, and even the red wedding had all consisted of action filled fights that lasted for what felt like eternities; exhibiting billions of deaths by fire, swords, and man, as well as presenting the inhumane reality of war.

The gore used as a continuous occurrence in the show is a buffet of blood and guts. Containing some of the most nauseating scenes like Ramsey Bolton being ripped apart and consumed by his very own dogs; as well as the special effects used to create an impaled soldier to choke up gallons of dark, crimson bodily fluids, or the ear-sickening snap made whenever a head is so frequently dismembered, brings the show up to a new level of sickening bloodshed, while at the same time making it a smash hit.

As to why Game of Thrones is always ranked the best show on television, the suspense built up inside the show acts as the grandest gem. Whether it was the execution of Ned Stark, the brutal attack of a white walker army on a wildling village, or Daenerys Targaryen’s army and dragons setting off for Westeros, it has become accustomed for the viewing audiences to be left at the edge of their seats in a state of stupor after every single episode. 

Like a roller coaster the entire series of Game of Thrones has proved to be an unstoppable thrill ride. As most may think of this as just any other amusing television show, I’m well aware it’s more than that. With knights, man-eating dragons, giants, and white walkers, this is more than just a show… it’s an adventure.

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