The Vampire Diaries

May 16, 2017
By nataliaalamo BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
nataliaalamo BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
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This past few years, teens everywhere have been raving about The Vampire Diaries. The show that includes drama, romance and a little terror has schools everywhere buzzing of what could come next. Unfortunately, the show has come to a conclusion this  year, but that has not stopped teens from still viewing it through other platforms, such as Netflix and Hulu.

I personally have watched the show and believe it lives up to the reputation. For a show intended fro people who love romances, even those attracted to horror get lured in by the mysterious characters that are vampires. the main characters composing of Elena, Damon, and Stefan form a love triangle of the century, that viewers will never forgot. The show has a perfect amount of suspense to leave the viewer wanting more, and always leaves episodes on a cliffhanger, making it almost impossible to not hit the “next episode” button. furthermore, the shows main plot, a love triangle between two brothers and a girl, always leads to more drama and a never ending stream of problems that follow them. Unlike Twilight, Vampire Diaries portrays vampires in a more realistic way to the viewers eliminating their “glowing” skin, and super powers, allowing the viewer to also relate to them on a personal level, as they are very in similar in other aspects of their life.

All in all, I believe the most popular show among teens everywhere in The Vampire Diaries. Even while the show ended, fans still talk about it today and suggest it to others, spreading the word.

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