Ed Edd n Eddy

May 16, 2017
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12 kids, Three Eds and One goal. This is the story of three kids on summer vacation and school. Ed Edd n, Eddy is a show beloved by many, myself included. It was created by Danny Antonucci, a canadian animator who is mainly known for more adult humor. This is why so many adult jokes can be found in Ed Edd n, Eddy. This show was created on a dare. Danny was dared to make a kids cartoon. It is pretty safe to say that he succeeded. With 6 seasons and a movie Ed Edd n, Eddy is still cartoon network's longest running show.

Ed Edd n, Eddy has a fairly simple plot. The Eds just want to be popular and get jawbreakers. Which are so big it would do more than break your jaw. There have only been 13 characters in the whole show. Lets meet them now. Ed is a tall simple fella. He enjoys comics and monster movies, he also is not very bright. Edd is also referred to as double d. Is a bit shorter than Ed. He is the smart one who knows everything. He also wears a hat that we never see what was under said hat. Eddy is the shortest of the three. He is the bad mouthing scam artist. He will do anything for a quick buck.

The other characters have their own personalities as well. Rolf is the foreigner whose country of origin is a mystery. He is hilarious to listen to because of his weird customs. Kevin is your average neighbourhood bully. Usually calling the eds dorks and chatting it up with the lady. Johnny 2x4 is the one who hangs around with plank. He is also simple minded like ed is. Plank is the board of wood that johnny carries around. His personality is so mysterious that no one but johnny can pinpoint it. Sarah is Ed’s younger sister. She is a bossy loudmouthed toddler who just screams if something doesn't go her way.  Jimmy is the typical shy weakling of the bunch. He is into girl stuff and is so fragile a close pin breaks his foot. Nazz is the town hottie. She has her way with the boys and enjoys hanging around them. The kankers are another trio. Unlike the Eds they are girls who are strong and want them bad. They will stop at nothing to kiss the Eds. The final character is Eddy’s brother. He is the newest character on the show. The only thing we know about him is he is a bit of a jerk.

One thing Ed Edd n, Eddy is good at is storytelling. Telling a story from the perspective of a kid is something that is hard to catch when an adult see the world in a different way a kid does. Ed Edd n, Eddy is able to do just that. This show is also good at characters themselves. They all have unique designs and personalities. No character seems to be the same. With a cast of main characters as big as this, that is really good writing. Even when they introduced eddy’s brother he still was separate from the rest. In conclusion Ed Edd n, Eddy is a great show and I highly recommend it.

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@SDCMYG I like the show too! A little more improvement on the review and it will get better. Don't stop writing!
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