Once Upon a Time: Musical Episode

May 7, 2017

[Spoiler Alert]

On May 7th, ABC Studios aired the highly anticipated musical episode of their hit show Once Upon a Time. In this episode, we see flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest before the Evil Queen cast her curse. Snow White wishes for something to give her unborn child the chance at a happy ending. The next morning, everyone in the Enchanted Forest is placed under a spell that makes them break out into song. Meanwhile, everyone in Storybrooke is still trying to find a way to defeat the Black Fairy and plan Emma Swan's marriage to Captain Hook. With the threat of the final battle looming, Emma finds it hard to remain hopeful about the fate of her loved ones. The flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest show that the songs sung by everyone goes into Emma's heart. When she goes to face the Black Fairy, she realizes that she isn't alone and she has had the love of her family behind her throughout her whole life. After releasing her family from the paralyzing spell the Black Fairy put on them, Emma and Hook finally have the happy ending that many fans of the show have been wanting for many years, and they get married. Their wedding is finshed off with a song sung by the whole cast. Unfortunately, this sweet moment is cut short by the curse the Black Fairy promised would come.

We will find out what this curse does to everyone next week for the two hour season finale.

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