13 Reasons Why

May 3, 2017
By , Hemet, CA

Ever wonder what it's like to be bullied so harshly that you don't want to come to school anymore? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't. Truth is, we've all been bullied at some point. Whether it was meant to be sarcastic, or a joke, we all have. It's just the cold truth. We’re also all at fault for being the bully at some point in time. Maybe you meant it, maybe you didn't and your intentions were pure...but that's not how they took it. Bullying is typically an uncomfortable subject for most to talk about, but intriguing to hear about, which is why majority of American teens were buzzing after watching the recently premiered Netflix original series,13 Reasons Why. This hit show is about a high school student named? Hannah Baker who was being bullied by a mixture of her peers, and so called “friends”, and one day, just had enough and decided to take her own life. Before she made this terrible decision, she secretly pre- recorded tapes of herself explaining? the thirteen reasons why she did it. Almost each main character being a reason, and having a whole tape dedicated to it. Often times as a viewer of the show, it can be very uncomfortable to watch, and you may even turn your head away from the screen, but it's an overwhelmingly under discussed, serious topic that needs to be discussed more throughout today's generation, as well as upcoming ones. The series never mentioned being based on a true story, but whether we like to believe it or not, bullying happens on a daily basis, worldwide, and it needs to be stopped. This show was created to raise awareness in not only students, but staff, parents, and anyone who has ever witnessed bullying, rape, drug abuse, or anything along those guidelines. This show was not created to be a mockery of any sort, but? for serious matters. Whether this sounds appealing to your typical television genre or not, I highly recommend watching it and trying to truly understand the reasoning behind the creation of the show...who knows, it just may change the way you look at things.

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