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May 1, 2017
By CrystalShardsDiamond SILVER, Carson, California
CrystalShardsDiamond SILVER, Carson, California
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In the first episode of Transformers Rescue Bots, four autobots find themselves on planet earth; but how?


The four autobots named Heatwave, Blades, Chase, and Boulder were originally part of a rescue squad or force. That force was called Sigma-17. At the beginning of the episode it seems like the autobots are sleeping, but really they are in a sleeping trance called "stasis". When the autobots' ship receives a distress call from the one and only Optimus Prime, their stasis is interrupted and they navigate themselves to earth.


Though they are not ready to join Team Prime yet, Optimus gives them another mission, to aid and work with the Burns family and to learn about human customs. This is not a very easy thing to do for the autobots because they also have to conceal their secret of being aliens. Heatwave is not so excited about keeping their identities a secret because he feels that if they hide who they truly are then they are not fit to be autobots. 


Heatwave hates hiding who he truly is. It's not easy, but Heatwave learns to just go with the flow, and later in the episode series, the people of Griffin Rock come to know and to feel safe around "aliens." Heatwave, I would say, is a hothead. He is a firetruck and much like his human partner Kade Burns, without all the show off attitude. Blades is a helicopter, though he is afraid of heights, when he is with his partner Dani Burns(girl), he forgets all about heights. Chase is a police car, and is serious with the law. He wants to keep everyone safe and he oftens takes things seriuosly, like the funniest of jokes. Chase's partner, Chief Burns, is the perfect partner to explain EV ER Y THING to Chase, being that he has and incredible amount of patience. Last but not least is Boulder. Boulder is a, well, bulldozer. He loves to learn about new things on earth, and he loves to paint. His partner, Grahm Burns, is into learning more about cybertronian tech too. At first Grahm thinks that since Boulder is from a different planet, he is of higher intelligence. But really Boulder doesn't know a lot about our earth tech.


So as we get past the first couple of episode we begin to see that the rescue bots and their partners begin to see that just because your friends might not have the same interests at heart, it doesn't mean that you can't be friends. Even though our friends may not like what we like, we can still develop that bond that holds us together.

The author's comments:

I came to know about this episode seies by my little brother. He loves Transformers, superheroes, and the hero types. I think the reason that I like Transformers Rescue Bots is that the family always enjoys it. What I mean by that is whenever we watch Transformers Rescue Bots, we always laugh, have fun, and somehow my little brother and I never fight during any episodes. I highly recommend this show to any family, big or small.

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