March 27, 2017
By theronster SILVER, New Castle, Delaware
theronster SILVER, New Castle, Delaware
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The CW is back at it again with having viewers obsessed with one of their TV series. “Riverdale” an American Drama TV series based on the 1930 comics “Archie.” The series definitely made my top five list for best TV shows of 2017. I've read only a couple of the comics but the series persuades me to read them all because the producers and writers made the characters darker in a good way.

The series kept every single main characters from the comics just with a little change here and there. It stars Kj Kappa as (Archie Andrews), Lili Reinhart as ( Betty Cooper),Camila Mendes as (Veronica Lodge), Ashleigh Murray as (Josie McCoy), Madelaine Petsch as (Cheryl Blossom) and child star actor Cole Sprouse as the narrator of the series ( Jughead Jones). But what is really amazing is that show doesn't just revolve around Archie. Everyone plays a big part of the show with their story lines which makes me think why the show is the series named “Riverdale.” You have Josie and The Pussycat Dolls who are also all African American females going through band issues. Cheryl and her parents who are still trying to crack the case of Cheryl's twin brother’s murder and many more surprises.

Like I said the series is very dark and so are its characters. Although the performances show the joyful side of the show with Mende’s and Reinhart’s characters Betty and Veronica vying for MVP. Both girls bounce off each other wonderfully during cheerleading tryouts with a camaraderie while Petsch’s character Cheryl Blossom seems to be having the least fun delivering eye-rolling lines like the ones you hear from “Mean Girls.” Even though “The Pussycat Dolls” struggle to keep their group alive their original songs are amazing which make the show even more unique.

If you're looking for a new show to watch “Riverdale” is the one. Between “Archie” trying to play football, sing and the love triangle he's in with everything that comes after that will have you gasping for more.

The author's comments:

Arichie and his friends here in the 21st Century but with a dark twist.

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