Transformers Rescue Bots

March 26, 2017

Transformers Rescue Bots is an animated fun-filled TV show that is enjoyable to watch with the entire family. For your kids who love to go on adventures and to explore what's in store, this is the show for you. While they may embark on a grand adventure they also learn lifelong goals; don't always jump to conclusions, be reasonable (yes reasonable), never just go and start pointing fingers, and how to be a true friend to others. True, it's not always easy to teach children these important matters; on the contrary, you will be surprised at the amazing results.


The first episode starts out with the theme song which explains the main plot of the whole series. These 4 autobots are not quite ready for the battles between decepticons and autobots so Optimus Prime, the last of the primes, gives them a mission. The four autobots become rescue bots so as to learn to rescue, serve, and protect the humans of Griffin Rock, Maine (which is surprisingly an actual landmark). The Rescue Bots consist of Heatwave(the fire-bot), Boulder(the construction bot), Chase (the Police-bot), and Blades (the Copter-bot). These four rescue bots do wonders for the people of Griffin Rock. 


Alas this is no easy task; the bots receive help from Chief Burns of the Griffin Rock police, and his family. In the first episode though, they meet Chief Burns who knows about their secret and his son Cody Burns who are the bots' best friend. Cody is no ordinary boy' he is the main reason why the rescue bots can handle their whining partners and why they decided to stay on earth. Through this episode series, your children will not only embark on the grandest adventures but will also learn the importance of teamwork, bravery, family, and love.

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