Scream Queens

February 2, 2017
By , Vauxhall, Alberta

Scream Queens is a tv series that is full of action, mean girls, and lots and lots of drama. This series is a cheesy murder mystery that is full of humourous lines. I really enjoyed watching this show it truly grabs you from the begininng and brings you through an interesting ride. Throughout the show their was a person dressed as a devil that would murder anyone that was near solving who they are. The whole show is based around a sorority and the girls living within it. Following the story the people in the sorority house begin to solve more of the mystery within the house and the really interesting story line. Drama is a big factor to this show but it got a little to excessive in the mean girl department. to me this show had almost winy like, mean girl character and it was beginning to get to much of that character. I would defidantly hope to see the mean girl develope into a more serious less catty character. Over all this show was really funny and it pulled me in from the start.  

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