No Game No Life

February 2, 2017
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No Game No Life is a tv show created by Yuu Kamiya. It features the genius siblings Sora and Shiro who spend their lives playing games under the cover of code name blank. In every game they play they reach unpresedessed scores that are never overcome. After another uneventful day of winning, they are challenged to a  game of chess by an unkown player. Together after a couple of hours they win. After the game the unknown person asks them if they were born in the right world. The unknown player is found to be the god of games Tet, who pulls the two into a fantasy world where every thing is decided by games, even the next ruler of the kingdom. Also everyone has to follow ten pledges.

1. All murder, war, and robbery is forbidden in this world.
2. All conflict in this world will be resolved through games.'
3. In games, each player will bet something that they agree is of equal value.
4. As long as it doesn't violate pledge three, anything may be bet, and any game may be played.
5. The challenged party has the right to decide the rules of the game.
6. Any bets made in accordance with the pledges must be upheld.
7. Conflicts between groups will be conducted by designated representatives with absolute authority.
8. Being caught cheating during a game is grounds for an instant loss.
9. In the name of god, the previous rules may never be changed.
10. Let's all have fun and play together! 

In this world humans are the lowest ranked group of 16 sentient races. This is because they don't have any affinity for magic. With magic the other sentient races have an unpressedented advantage in the games, because they can cheat without any human knowing. Using their superior knowledge of games and life Sora and Shiro become King and Queen and start their conquest across this new world of games. 

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