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December 29, 2016
By KatherineKrane PLATINUM, San Diego, California
KatherineKrane PLATINUM, San Diego, California
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From the first episode of this stunning Netflix Original, I was hooked. As soon as I began watching “Sense8,” I was thrown into the storm of eight separate and fascinating story lines, all connected through the bond shared by eight different people across the world.
While almost impossible to describe without visually experiencing the show, “Sense8” explores eight characters who share a psychological connection and are able to experience each other’s lives through one another’s eyes. As a simple example, one character could be drinking coffee in San Francisco while tasting the sugary dessert of another character located in New Delhi, India. At first, the idea may seem fairly straightforward, even childish, but after a few minutes of the show, viewers realize just how complicated this can get.
The eight main characters are being hunted by an organization that views them as a threat to world order. However, one of the most interesting and unique things about the show is that the biggest challenges are often those of everyday life, tackled by each of the “sensates.” Even more interesting, is the role their connection plays. For some characters, their closest bond is with a single other sensate, and they face their challenges together by offering physical skill or emotional support.
Part of what makes “Sense8” such a captivating show is how brilliantly and precisely it showcases each character, while exploring how their fellow sensates factor into their everyday lives. Though the overarching
conflict of the show is compelling, the day-to-day struggles are just as intriguing.
The show also offers a fantastic cast,
brilliant writing, and stunning camera work and cinematography that make watching the show a genuine pleasure. The chemistry of the entire cast, whether platonic or romantic, is simply beautiful and makes witnessing the
developing connections an amazing experience.
“Sense8” introduces a fascinating take on a very simple idea and explores, in the words of the show, what it means to be human.

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