November 14, 2016
By rruth17 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
rruth17 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Ever just sit in front of the TV and hope and pray for something exciting, adventurous, with a hint of romance. That just briefly defines Quantico. This show premiered on ABC on Sept 27, 2016. The lives of young FBI recruits are deeply investigated to find who the suspected terrorist is.

Priyanka Chopra a Bollywood actress who plays the role of Alex Parris is very important in this show. She was accused to be the person who bombed Grand Central. The creator of this show, Joshua Safran. Portrayed Parrish as a bold, fearless, and determined. Parrish is an Indian American one of the main reasons that she was suspected to be the bomber. The challenge in season 1 was to clear her name. There were people who she would lay her life down for who turned on her. After she graduating Quantico she became a FBI agent later she got fired.

Quantico has that surprise element that everyone enjoys in shows. Not knowing what would happen next give that thrill most viewers expect. During the whole-time Parrish discovers ways to clear her name she gets closer and closer to finding out the truth. She needs to find out who is framing her. As she gets closer and closer the truth about that her father who was a FBI agent. She digs deeper and deeper to find out all the stuff he kept from her.

At the beginning, she met a guy named Ryan Booth. The sec they met they hit it off in the car. Little did she know he was instructed to meet her and know more about her and keep an eye on her. Surprisingly after Parrish gets to Quantico she finds booth there as well, training to be an agent. Ryan Booth played a major role in helping Parrish clearing her name.  Parrish faced many trials in the process. During that whole process, she did not give up. She did anything and everything to let everyone know she is innocent. She did prove it.

The suspense never stops in this show. Quantico is for not all age groups parental discretion is advised. Let’s hope the excitement never stops.

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