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I can name four things that come to mind when I hear the word “Supernatural.”

Salt, angels, demons and brotherly love. Why you ask?

Well because those four things come from the one of the best American fantasy horror television shows the CW has ever aired since “Charmed.”

The haunting series “Supernatural” was created by Eric Kripke and produced by Warner Bros Television along with executive producers, Kripke, Mcg, Robert Singer, Phil Sgriccia, Sera Gamble, Jeremy Carver, John Shiban, Ben Edlund, and Adam Glass.

The series has been airing since September 13th 2005 and their 12th season recently premiered on October 7th 2016. It stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester. Kripke originally planned to keep the show alive for only three seasons until, the WB estimated the first episode views to 5.69 million viewers and because of first the four episodes of season one ratings were extremely high they promoted the series for a full season. Which made Kripke to renew more seasons to this day as we speak.

Jared and Jensen star as Sam and Dean Winchester ,brothers that were raised by their father John WInchester to become solid hunters after their mother Mary was killed when Sam was only six months, by a demon named Yellow Eyes. But as Sam grew older the tension between him and his father grew intensified upon his family’s discovery of hunting evil things. Sam couldn’t take it anymore so he left to attend Stanford University and gave up hunting. Then 22 years later Dean begs Sam to drop everything he worked hard for because he needed help searching for their father who had been missing for months. Sam agreed but there was a plot twist after the brothers defeated their first monster as a team again. Sam told his older brother he’s not coming back to the “ family business“ he only helped so Dean can get closer to finding John but what Sam didn’t know was that his beautiful girlfriend Jessica was killed not just by the same demon that killed his mother but the same way as well, burned on top of the ceiling. And just like the “ family business” was back in effect.

With Jared and Jensen being the only main characters of the series Kripke decided to make some recurring characters such as Bobby and Castiel alive longer they was suppose to be alive for. Bobby Singer (played by Jim Weaver) was a one of the best hunters John knew and also one his good friends who looked after Sam and Dean when John was off hunting when they were longer. But when John got killed Bobby became like a second father to Sam and Dean. Beaver explained that his character was only supposed to be on the show for at least five episodes, but he couldn’t be more excited to get called back to show more seasons. Castiel was an angel who pulled Dean out of hell because God told him to and since then the Winchester brothers and Cast fought angels and demons together almost like a family. Misha Collins (Castiel) has stated that at the 100th episode party, someone said “Maybe we’ll see you at the 200th!” Thinking the show would be long gone by that time. The party for the 200th episode of the series took place in October 2014. Misha was so proud to be part of a show so exciting.

I am currently halfway through season 8 of the series and what I can say is that myself and other fans are not in love with the show just because of the amazing plot. It’s more deeper than that. Jared and Jensen have so much chemistry as brothers on and off screen, which makes their characters so believable in the show. The fights and arguments they have are so tense whether it’s about Sam choosing a demon over his brother or Dean still trying protect and treat Sam as if they’re still young, it will always brotherly love between those two. Even though the show is fiction I feel like if ghosts and demons were real the show would help die hard fans defeat them because if a ghost or demon turns out to be real I would have holy water, salt, and devil traps all around my house. So I advise people to watch the show just incase. And as Dean says “ saving people,hunting things, the family business it’s what we do.’’ That’s exactly what they did for the next 12 years and hopefully more to come.

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