The Walking Dead

September 30, 2016
By omglaura_ SILVER, Hemet, California
omglaura_ SILVER, Hemet, California
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 The extraordinary television series, The Walking Dead, has left us on the verge of curiosity when it’s sixth aired season left us with an unexpected cliffhanger. The show based on a modern-day zombie apocalypse, had fourteen million viewers on its sixteenth episode, the season finale, of the shows sixth season. During this episode, we see that the largest threat is no longer the undead, but people, who have lost their humanity. Rick, the protagonist of the series, is put into the situation of being forced to kill the people of Negan, an antagonist that has never been seen before until the final minutes of the finale. Rick and his group consisting of Maggie, Michonne, Abraham, Sasha, Eugene, Carl, Aaron, Daryl, and Glenn are on the way to Negan and the Saviors (Negan’s people). However, they face multiple encounters with the Saviors, which makes it difficult for Rick’s people to defeat them because they are outnumbered. When Rick and the others attempt to use a different route, they are still met up with other saviors. In order to distract the Saviors, Eugene, who is known for his lack of courage, offers himself up to drive the RV by himself towards the Saviors, while Rick and the others escape through the forest. Although Rick and the others presume that Eugene will be executed by the Saviors, hope is sparked, not only for them, but for the audience as well, as the audience is known for having extreme attachments to characters. However, our hope is ended far too quickly when Rick and his people run into an even larger group of Saviors, and even Negan himself. Fans of the show have been raging for Negan’s appearance in the series as in the comics he kills one of the major characters, Glenn. Throughout the series, Rick and the others have faced extremely difficult people whom they had to kill in order to survive.  In this turn of events, Rick realizes that he really knows nothing about the outside world. This also comes as a shock to fans, as Rick is known for escaping fate by killing his enemies and defeating them alongside his group. Once face to face with Negan, he forced them all to kneel and tells them that they all work for him now. To prove his strength, he tells them that he is going to beat one of them to death with Lucille, his baseball bat covered in barbed wire.  This makes the audience nervous because in the circle of people with Rick in this moment, are many characters whom have grown with the show and are too special to let go. Negan decides who he is going to kill by a wicked version of “eenie, meenie, miney, moe”. Of course, tension is built between characters because they of course do not want to experience such a painful and dragged out death, but they do not wish one of their friends to go through that either. When Negan finally chooses his victim, the camera is faced to him, then the screen goes black, leaving only the sound of Negan beating someone to death. This cliffhanger left us as fans sad to leave one of our favorite characters go, even though we don’t know who it is until the season seven premiere in October. This, however, continued the excitement of the Walking Dead because it left fans questioning if the victim will be Glenn, as in the comics, or another significant characters. Who do you think was Negan and Lucille's victim?

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