The Flash

September 29, 2016

Hey guys! This is Celine2010 again, just like I promised you I would be writing about movie and tv show reviews. I know a lot of my friends LOVE The Flash, and I as well am a huge fan!

For now, I am going to talk about The Flash Season 1 Episode 1. The Flash is Barry Allen. His mom died when he was 11 after a freak accident. At that peculiar stormy night, Barry saw the impossible. He saw the Reverse Flash, a man from the future. The head detective, Joe West, adopted Barry and raised him like his own son. His daughter, Iris West, became Barry's best friend and later in life Iris began to feel the the same feeling Barry felt for her, love.When Barry was about 20, he watched from his window the opening of Central City's first particle accelerator. What Barry didn't know that night was that he would become the impossible he was searching for after 10 years. Barry Alen is a forensic scientist who works for the Central City Police Department. At that particular night he was looking at skin samples the particle accelerator became a massive explosin of dark matter.

That night also had unexpected lightning combine with the dark matter and attacked Barry. Yes, if you all are wondering, this is how Barry became The Flash. Even though he was struck by lightning and gained some pretty cool powers,he sadly fell into a coma. Joe and Iris were waiting in the hospital room for Barry to wake up. After hearing that heart breaking beep to signal someone was dead Barry had a seizure. Iris shoved all the doctors out of the way, to get to her Barry. She loved him more than her boyfriend but never realized it.

Next you meet Harrison Wells (Eobart Thawne and The Reverse Flash), from S.T.A.R Labs. Harrison Wells along with Cisco Ramone and Caitlin Snow save Barry's life with the suspicion that Harrison Wells is up to no good. 

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Celine2010 said...
Oct. 13, 2016 at 2:09 pm
Hey guys, this is Celine2010. I just wanted to let you know that you can suggest any episode and I will write a review on that episode in the season. It might take a while because teen ink takes a while to look it over before they post the review. It might take a couple of days. Please just write the season and episode and i will be "The Fastest Speedster Alive".
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