The Secret life of an American Teenager

February 26, 2009
By Bianca Andujar BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Bianca Andujar BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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If you want to see an accurate image of the way your teens live there life, you may want to watch, 'The secret life of an American teenager,' On ABC family. The show is about how a 15 year old band geek named Amy that is pregnant at a young age. She is stressing on how she is going to take care of her baby. Or should she give it up for adoption. This show touches up a lot of teenage issues that's why everyone should watch it including parents because maybe they can open better communication with their teenagers. There are some positive aspects of the show. For instance if a teen watches the show with their parents it will start a positive conversation. So check out this new show that's taking the spotlight. The show ' The secret life of an American teenager'.

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