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That's So Raven

October 28, 2015
By lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Oh the good old days, how we all miss them. Not having a care in the world, running through life like a playground. Trips to the park, easy school work endless treats and most importantly television. T.V was the most important thing to me as a child. T.V would calm me down and bring joy and lots of laughter into my life. There were just so many shows out when I was brought up that they no longer have out. Oh how I feel bad for the little ones now who don’t have all the awesome shows we had in our days.

There was a wide selection of shows one in particular that I loved and still can watch till this day is “That’s So Raven” a childhood phenomenon about no ordinary teenager named Raven who can see the future. Although with this unique talent comes a twist the visions raven have aren’t clear so she and her friends put the pieces together to solve the mystery of the images in ravens twisted head. Raven has a loving and caring family who loves her dearly and supports her. She lives with her mother, father and scheming little brother. Her father is a chef named Victor played by “Rondell Sheridan” who is very passionate about cooking and owns his own restaurant called “The Chill Grill”. Her mother is a student and occasional writer named Tanya played by “T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh”. Then there is her little brother Corey played by “Kyle Massey” who is in junior high and loves making money he would do whatever he can to get a quick buck. Besides Corey’s love for money he is also a jokester. Which is where he and raven clash but that’s just typical brother and sister relationships, I have siblings so I can relate.

Raven is a high school student who just like all teenage girls at this age is of course is into boys and finds herself in different situations every day. Raven has two best friends Chelsea played by “Anneliese van der Pol” and Eddie played by ‘‘Orlando Brown’’ who are always along for the ride. Chelsea isn’t the brightest pumpkin in the patch but she supports and cares for raven unconditionally.

Chelsea is all about the earth and keeping the environment clean. She is also a vegetarian. Eddie on the other hand is a fan of meat and a lady’s man who is crazy for the girls. The three together are inseparable; they are like three peas in a pod. No matter what situations are thrown at their friendship they always seem to manage and rekindle.

The main character “Raven Baxter” played by Raven symone a hit child TV prodigy who originated from the Cosby show has turned Disney around. The hit show that’s so raven has set records for Disney channel and won many Emmy awards. The show was aired on January 17th 2003 and came to an end November 10th 2007. During the show the viewers got the chance to watch raven and the cast grow up. Therefore after all those years a connection was built. Watching the show for so long I felt in tuned with the characters as if they were real people I knew and met. Their family bond was so inspiring and uplifting. There was a breath of fresh air when I saw their smiling faces as the television came on, my days would be complete.

That’s so raven projects friendship, the importance of family, trust and loyalty and most importantly love. This show has taught me that even when things aren’t going right there is a way to get through it. You should always just laugh and be happy cherish the little moments for they may be the most important. Let people know you’re there for them and that you support and care for them no matter what. This show has displayed that image by presenting a strong family bond. The Baxter’s are truly my favorite TV family. I definitely recommend this show because of all the lessons it has taught me while getting a good laugh at the same time.

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relatable fun reveiw.

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