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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

September 30, 2015
By BigSp3nd3er BRONZE, V-Hall, Alaska
BigSp3nd3er BRONZE, V-Hall, Alaska
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a popular cop/comedy TV series. It features funny moments in chasing bad guys involving immature detective Jake Peralta. His police Captain Raymond Holt, who nobody can read, face is neutral, always. Jake’s crush crush Amy Santiago. She is a pushover when it comes to Captain Holt. Also his best friend Charles Boyle who is a sucker for high fives and praises Jake, and also exotic, disgusting foods. Gina Linetti (not a cop) is their secretary who loves her phone too much. Also Jake’s best friend from their childhood. Rosa Diaz, very intimidating cop, she got kicked out of ballet school because she beat up ballerinas, yikes! Sargent Terry Jeffords who loves his twin baby girls and working out. Morons Norm Skully and Michael Hitchcock, who have a lot of years on the force but they are terrible cops. Skully is a big dumb idiot who weirdly loves to sing opera and is good at it. Hitchcock is also an idiot who for some reason likes to take his shirt off and pipes up every time someone says something weird. There are many other side characters but you have to watch it so see all of them.

The show is amazing! It’s somewhat unique and funny, even though it stole some of the ideas of how the show is run from The Office. I love the show because it shows all the things that are wrong with each character but despite each character being weird in their own way they are all amazing cops who do their jobs extremely well (most of the time) and love doing it. You can see the characters’ passion for fighting crime throughout the show and each character has a different way of dealing with certain problems. In every episode is a million laughs and good times, because even in the darkest of situations, there’s always a time for a joke in New York. I love the show so much and it is available on Netflix. I keep re-watching the episodes because I think every single one of them has their own funny moments. I highly suggest you watch this show but only if you are fine with a bit of language and mature themes. The new season (Season 3) premiered last Sunday and will be airing new episodes every Sunday at 8:30 ET.

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