March 27, 2014
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C.I.D. it stands for Crime Investigation Department is a Indian crime detective series. It is one of the best fiction crime detective show in the world of Indian television. This year it will complete its 17 years of success on their journey of Indian television and it still is running successful. You would barely find someone that is a Indian and doesn’t watch this show no matter if it is a kid or an adult. I am a perfect example of this fact I have been watching this show since the year 2001 and now it is 2014 and I still watch it. There is barely any episode that I missed and for that I probably have a strong reason because this was one of the shows that I would never like miss a episode of. Now days whenever I change my T.V. channels and I pass through the channel that this show is aired on and if this show is on my fingers would stop right away and I don’t care if it’s a repeat of the episode I already saw and know the story of I would still watch it again and again and I am sure not only me a lot of people do this I am not the only fan of the show.

“Kuch to gadbad hai daya” those who watch this Indian show knows what I am talking about. This is one of the most famous dialogues of this show it is said in every episode. It is said by ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) Pradyuman which is played by Shivaji Satam an excellent actor of Indian Television, and most of the time he says this dialogue to Senior Inspector Daya as you can see his name in the dialogue, this character is played by Dayanand Shetty who is also another best actor of this show. By the way this dialogue means something is wrong daya. As we all know one person cannot be given all the credit for something which was done by a group of members/ supporters. Same with this show it has reached this level of popularity with the hard work of the whole team including of those who left the show but was a part of the show at some point.

Even though everyone related to this show should be credited for its success I would say there are 3 people who are to be credited the most and they are ACP Pradyuman (Shivaji Satam), Senior Inspector Daya (Dayanand Shetty), and Senior Inspector Abhijeet (Aditya Srivastava) these three should be credited the most because they have been on this show since its first episode and are still a part of the show, and Of course the creator of this show B.P.Singh without whom this show would not have even been thought of. These 3 actors should be credited the most because I am sure that they probably had offers of other shows or movies to perform a role in but they still didn’t leave this show because through this show they made their name and it was the acting they did of their character in the show which made their place in the hearts of millions from kids to adults. This is what I would say is dedication and true friendships in which they didn’t betray the director or the love of the audience by leaving the show for a better offer once they earned fame.

It wouldn’t be wrong if I say (in my opinion) that one reason why people can’t wait for Friday and Saturday is because of this show. This show has never been aired the same way, sometimes it is aired once a week, or twice a week and now recently in last couple of years the show has been aired tri weekly from Friday to Sunday for couple months. No matter how many times it is aired and however many times the timing changes people would still watch as much as they can. Family members would sit together to watch this and have fun spending time with their family in a life where they barely get any time to spend with their family members. This isn’t just a serious show which talks about crime and forensics because then it wouldn’t be as fun, in every episode they try to add as much humor as they can. Every once in a while they add some type of jokes or humor in some manner. Because they know that just talking about crime and forensic is not going to let it last long on the television.

This fiction is really interesting for those who like to watch mystery and also those who are interested in forensics. It is a very creative show in which every episode you can see the creativeness of how they come up with the story of a crime. Then the way the police officers in the show solve the case and get to the criminal. It is just like the Indian version of CSI if you want to take it that way. But a little different because CSI focuses more on the forensics I think that, but C.I.D doesn’t really focus that much on forensics but there still is a lot of forensics stuff seen in the show. So anyone who watches CSI I think will also like this show I really like it and watch every single episode of it. Hoping that it will keep going

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