March 11, 2014
By HelixViewer BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
HelixViewer BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Helix: Why I’m Terrified and In Love
The show Helix is a terrifying and yet somewhat quirky take on the modern sci-fi and horror genre. This show has a certain almost classiness (as if the horror genre can be described as classy) and raw heart pounding excitement producers and directors strive for in modern television. This, mixed with an odd music score makes the viewer beg for more. Helix is on the SyFy channel at 10 on Fridays. This show is directed by one of the great masters of science fiction, Ronald D. Moore. Moore has worked on such hits as Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek the Next Generation. Even though this show is not even half way through the first season, I think that it will be a smash hit with not only sci-fi and horror fans but all fans alike.
Helix occurs on an out of the way research base in the artic. On the base, alone with no government supervision, some unethical experiments, to say the least, are going on. When an infectious outbreak occurs, four CDC scientists are sent to investigate. When the scientists arrive at the base, they encounter terrifyingly grotesque zombie like creatures that are infected with some perplexing disease. Helix is not lenient on the gory side, and in some scenes, I’ve just sat there completely grossed out but in a good way…if that makes sense. The head of this base, Hiroyuki Sanada, is a complex individual whose murky past and dark secrets are revealed as the show unfolds. The show’s most terrifying and strangest attribute is not actually the plot or gore but its music score. One of Moore’s odd artist flares is the fact that he reverses the music to some degree. During terrifying scenes, Moore plays happy “feel-good” music from the 60’s. The most popular song, used in these scenes, is “Do you Know the Way to San Jose” (which is also quite catchy). I find myself humming it on some occasions. So, as you are watching terrifying scenes all you hear in the background is this strange melodic music. Helix has delighted me and terrified me on so many levels in its short run.
This show does not reach complete perfection due to a couple minor problems. One small thing that bothers me is the fact it seems to be isolated to this base in the artic. By doing this, the director seems to somewhat destroy the sense of urgency or suspense in the way that what happens on this base does not affect the rest of the world. I guess you could say, it’s missing for lack of a better word the “Space Opera feel” that a Star Trek or Star Wars produce. This aside, I don’t really have any other complaints. Unfortunately this show is young, so there are aspects of it that can’t be properly rated yet. But, at this point I would rate the show an 8.5 out of 10. I would encourage anyone, sci-fi and horror fan or not, to try it out.

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