Pretty Little Liars

March 4, 2014
By Camrynnn_ BRONZE, Hemet, California
Camrynnn_ BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Pretty Little Liars, the show that practically every teenage girl talks about. Being a viewer myself, I must explain what all the buzz is about. First off, if you haven’t started watching since day one, you can’t start now. This show is full of minor details that all contribute to a bigger and very confusing main conflict. The main plot line is a group of high school girls’ best friend Ali went missing and was eventually found dead. Since the day Ali disappeared, the girls, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily, have been receiving frightening texts from an unknown “A” who seems to know everything about the girls, even all their hidden secrets. This person is constantly out to blackmail or even to physically hurt the girls. The whole show is their search in finding two things-Ali’s killer and this “A” character. Just recently, it seems they've discovered who "A" is. Spencer, the smartest one, has evidence that Aria's secret boyfriend (Mr. Fitz, their high school English teacher) is "A". After the girls found proof that he is "A" Aria is devastated and they know he hasn't done this all alone. So the search continues. This show is full of suspenseful and partially fearful scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat every Tuesday night. The fact that the show is always giving you hints and clues is interesting and fun to try to figure out the mysteries. Then again, the show constantly tricks you into thinking one person is guilty, then completely surprises you with the fact that it’s somebody else. The only bad thing there is to this show is how much they’ve dragged it out. At times it seems you’ll never find out the truth and things just keep getting more and more complicated. But, that’s how they keep the viewers viewing. Overall, I give Pretty Little Liars a nine out of ten for creativity and keeping my ADD under control for an hour while I’m hooked on the show.

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