Bates Motel Review

November 1, 2013
Bates Motel is a show about the main character of the movie Psycho, Norman Bates. It is back when he was a 17 year old teenager and the struggles of being a teen that is slowly going insane. Norman (Freddie Highmore) starts to imagine himself as his mother. Whenever he falls in love, his "mother" gets jealous and murders the girls he loves. This is the prequel to the movie Psycho.
This TV show keeps me entertained for the full hour. There are intriguing plot twists around every turn, and you never know what's real life and what is Norman's imagination.

Freddie Highmore portrays insanity perfectly. Also, Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) is amazing portrayed as the loving, over barring mother who would even kill for her son.

This exciting story of love, death and insanity keeps me waiting for the next episode every week. I cannot wait for season 2 to start up in 2014. I can bet there is no doubt that this next season has to be just awesome for it to top the first season. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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