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One moment Danny Desai is an innocent, loving eleven year old, but then a second later he becomes known as “The boy who murdered his aunt.” Five years later, he takes one step into Green Grove High and suddenly, silence lingers in the room and everyone’s eyes lock on him. Steaming with emotional scenes and a ground-breaking plot line, the TV show, Twisted, becomes a puzzle you are consistently trying to solve. This killer hit TV drama will lead you on a mysterious trail filled with suspense as well as surprising twists and turns that will leave you hungry for more.

This new ABC family series focuses on a young teenager who is trying to rebuild his life, after being released from a juvenile detention center. However, after a startling incident and being named a prime suspect in yet another crime, it isn’t so easy for people to trust him. Set in Green Grove, New York, this show is bubbles with powerful characters, a dramatic, plot, and shockers that will throw you completely off track.

The protagonist, Danny Desai, played by Avan Jogia, is a charming 16-year old, who is thought of by most as “sociopath.” Although he may seem to have a positive attitude and an amiable smile, behind that mask are secrets that he isn’t ready to unfold. For instance, in the first episode, he defends his friend when a male classmate was starting to push her against the wall. However, what he whispers into his ear is unknown to everyone, but it must have been bad enough to make him stop. There is so much that people don’t know about this deceitful teenager, but soon his mystery will be unlocked.

Jo Masterson (Maddie Hasson) plays Danny’s best friend, who at first viewed Danny as a monster, but over time learned to trust him. She is a strong-willed, sensitive young girl that isn’t considered to be very popular in her high school. Her only friend used to be Rico (Ashton Moio), who is very quirky and awkward, and it is soon established that he starts to develop feelings for Jo. Lacey Porter (Kylie Bunbury) was once Jo’s and Danny’s best friend during their childhood, but overtime, she developed into a pretty, assertive girl who was on the very top of the social status in her high school. Danny’s mother, Karen Desai (Denise Richards) also plays a major role in the show. She is a stunning, young mom who used to be the “queen” of the Green Grove town, but now while everyone makes an effort to stay distant from her and Danny, she holds her head high and remains by her son’s side.

Every moment of the show has a very dark, spine-tingling atmosphere that is always present. And at the end of each episode, a clue is unraveled, which just adds to the mystery. The script is absolutely riveting and it captures your interest from the very start. Danny’s emotional lines, for example, bring tears to your eyes. “I just… the idea of losing you two is unfair…” Danny had said one night to Lacey and Jo, when speaking of leaving them behind. This line is so moving and it touches the viewer’s hearts.

The actors in the TV show are very skilled and eloquent when it comes to demonstrating certain actions and feelings. Danny always stays true to his quiet character, while Jo and Lacey wonderfully express their emotions in different scenes. Their acting is very believable, making it easy for people to empathize with them. For instance, when Danny first walks into Green Grove High, you can immediately feel the tension, just by looking at the expressions on Jo’s and Lacey’s faces.

Through the heartfelt scripts, unpredictable plot, and highly-effective characters, Twisted has been nominated for two Teen Choice Awards, after only one unforgettable season. You will be instantly absorbed into the twisted mystery, and be transformed into the detective on the chase for the real monsters. But remember, no one is to be trusted…

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hanna123 said...
today at 3:40 pm:
I watch this show too and I completely agree with your positive reaction to it!
myselfandi614 replied...
today at 10:58 pm :
thank you!
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