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A medical drama from the ABC Studios, it fixates on the journey of three young and skilled doctors to the secluded clinic run by Dr.Ben Keeton. By yielding great story lines according to the reason behind their leaving, it is an entertaining show that follows the lives of the trio in a new place with a completely different culture and heritage. While Dr. Mina Minard (Mamie Gummer) struggles with her past and a life changing mistake that still gives rise to self-doubt the story proceeds to Dr.Fuller (Zach Gilford)and Dr.Lily Brenner who haven't left any drama behind. The basic plot involves the honest and authoritative Dr.Keeton (Martin Henderson) who has a dark secret with his love interest Dr.Clark (Rachel Lafevre). As the story progresses it’s a wild factual journey of emotions. With decent actors and a great script it is a recipe to success. A show worth watching it is intriguing and leaves the audience with questions to ponder upon. A series that was said to be “Greys Anatomy in a jungle" ,the show proves many wrong and displays great backdrops. It informs us about the hardships and decisions that need to be taken, some crossing boundaries others overpowered by love. With conflicting personalities and painful pasts stories it never leaves you bored. Despite all this the show struggled with its ratings and lead to the cancellation of its second season. With great promotion and a better viewing time the series would have survived. Maybe a second installment ? It’s never too late.

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