Breaking Bad

September 22, 2013
By Anonymous

In my mind, Breaking Bad is the most in-depth television program. This program tells a chemistry teacher slowly evolved by the largest U.S. drug lord’s sake of His name is Walter White, in his career, said Heisenberg. This event occurs he suffered from lung cancer and , coupled with career disappointments of his future for his family , did not want to do something to help his family through the day , and one day , his brother Hand Schrader DEA officers took him to the drug manufacturing site inspections, this time he had the idea of drug manufacturing .

This visit he met had taught him Jesse Pinkman. Jesse Pinkman to escape from drug manufacturing site, so Mr. White Jesse went to ask him about drug manufacturing things. Initially Jess refused to cooperate with his teacher, even thought he was crazy, but after Mr. White some lobbying, they eventually became the drug manufacturing TWINS. Began their tour bus for a drug manufacturing, Mr. White used his knowledge of chemistry, successfully made out of the highest purity meth. Jesse is responsible for the sale of these ice.

Sold the ice, brought only a small amount of money, Mr. White fully satisfied that the number of small promise and soon they were guilty of a local drug syndicate took a fancy to in order to earn more money Mr. White and Jesse with them cooperation, but guilty of drug syndicate leader Tuco requirements and Mr. White met, otherwise they'll kill Jesse, so Mr. White on the incarnation of Heisenberg. He produced chemical weapons, went alone to commit drug syndicate site, he used his weapon fried ruined buildings, he and Tuco consensus, then left the scene.

Soon, they realize just how insane and cruel Tuco is, they were he was later imprisoned. Hank received a tip this time arrived at the scene to kill Tuco, but he did not know Mr. White and Jesse stayed here before. After the incident they decided to become the new wholesalers instead of Tuco in an accident under which they met the lawyer Saul Goodman. Saul was able to do what the money is received lawyer who made a presentation Gustavo Fring to Mr. White understanding , Gus is a fried chicken chain's boss, he is a drug dealer in another capacity , he hired Mr. White, so Mr. White with Jesse in his laundry plant under drug manufacturing .

In the last quarter, Mr. White and Jesse went through so many things together and they have pulled out of this career. Their friendship is also out of the cracks , do not know how the story will end development of this TV program regardless of the story , the role of performances, shooting skills are excellent . Most important is this work would cause exposure to them, into the role. Every time I read will be some feelings. Unlike all TV series, I believe that everyone will be watching this work there are different ideas, after all this work is really wonderful.

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