Duck Dynasty

September 6, 2013
By Emily Nichelson BRONZE, Neosho, Missouri
Emily Nichelson BRONZE, Neosho, Missouri
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Duck Dynasty is a is a reality show based off of peoples lives in Monroe, Louisiana. This show is a comedy, but also involves family. Duck Dynasty was selected “Most Viewed Reality Tv Show on A&E”. You can find this tv show on the channel A&E every Wednesday night with re-runs and new episodes. Duck Dynasty has made as far as I know about 3-4 seasons with more to come. This show is mainly about a family that works and owns a duck call business. They also go through family things and always have a bonding time. No matter what though, they always find a way to always be there for each other for everything. They pray all the time, and they are a grateful godly family that goes through obstacles along the way. A lot of people watch this show every Wednesday, and enjoy watching what these crazy rednecks will do. They are hilarious to watch, and have a huge sense of humor.

In my opinion, Duck Dynasty is a great family show. Your family is almost guaranteed to laugh out loud at this wonderful family. Wednesday is one of my favorite days in the week just because I get to see new episodes. If you want to know just how this show is or what all it’s about, then tune in on Wednesdays on A&E to watch the fun!

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