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July 6, 2013
The writers of the UK teen drama, Skins, are at it again. Skins is coming to an end with it's final series this year, but with a twist. Previously, Skins was split into three generations, with two seasons each generation, and a change of cast each season. After concluding series six, Skins has brought back some of their beloved characters for their newest series, Skins 7.

The seventh season is split up into six episode, with each character getting their own two part episode, almost like a little movie. Skins Fire, the first part of the new series, stars Effy Stonem, the quiet, mysterious, cryptic, and younger sister of Tony Stonem, the star of the first generation, who went on to star in the second generation. After five years of being without her character, Skins reintroduces her as a grown up Effy, who has shed her party animal ways for a job in the big city of London. She is faced with new adult problems, such as paying rent and dealing with the difficulties of working.

Skins has taken a turn in their writing style for this series and while it may be a turn off to many of their teenaged based fans, it still maintained the Skins like atmosphere that it has had since day one. Check out the ending of Effy's story, followed by Cassie's and Cook's, Monday nights on E4.

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