The Vampire Diaries

July 2, 2013
By , ashburn, VA
The Vampire Diaries is definitely a TV show that you will either excitedly anticipate and animatedly chatter about, or cringe every time you hear one of it’s cliché, eye-rolling lines. While the plot takes some unexpected turns, the show itself is very much like many other TV shows on the planet that has girls screaming and running around in circles for. An ordinary girl discovers a new world of supernatural beings or elements that she didn’t know about. She starts to associate more with these mysterious creatures and finds out that she is somehow a part of them and is either in immense danger or is very important to some upcoming struggle they must take part in. Meanwhile, she is slowly drawing away from her old life and friends and takes a romantic interest in one of these super cool, all-knowing people. In this case, Elena Gilbert, a high school sophomore (well. In the first season), discovers the world of vampires and finds out she is a doppelganger of a centuries old vampire and is in danger from Klaus, one of the oldest vampires. She becomes attracted to Stefan Salvatore, a sparkly, confident vamp that has a deep, dark past. The story definitely packs in a lot of action, delivering many graphic scenes of vampires stabbing, decapitating and drinking blood from each other. But I have to admit; the show would have been better off without some of the vomit-inducing lines. Especially dreadful are Stefan’s hardcore views on life, and his declarations of love to Elena. Even the plot itself drags on. It seems that the makers of the show would not be happy without killing off or changing everyone even remotely important to the plot into a vampire or other supernatural being. The actors all talk in the same emotional, choking way. And it seems that Mystic Falls, the main town associated with the plot, never runs out of important, historic functions and celebrations where usually, something bad happens. And that’s why I don’t understand why teenage girls my own age can be so surprised by everything that happens in this show when it is clearly very predictable.

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