Duck Dynasty

May 14, 2013
The channel A&E includes many different reality television shows. Some reality television shows on TV today can either be really good or just plain ridiculous. Duck Dynasty today can be a little bit of both sometimes because of its randomness. Duck Dynasty is a rather new show and it gives a twist to reality television. This is one of my favorite shows because of how it reveals spunk and overall goofiness.

Sometimes when I start to watch the show, I think to myself where do they get these ideas for the shows? When putting this into consideration, Duck Dynasty is a show about a multi-million dollar business that consists of making duck calls by hand. The business today is an operating family business, which is the overall basis for the show. Within the everyday business of the show there is also a lot of fun filled events.

There is the question though, what does this family even do on this show? Every show is a different adventure and I think each show leads to new adventures. The shows have no particular order, but in this kind of reality television there doesn't have to be an exact order. They do crazy stuff like going camping in a RV on one show. Then going dress shopping for a daughter's homecoming in another show. Even though the story line can get jumbled, the show has a real meaning to it that is shown throughout all the seasons.

Duck Dynasty just finished their third and most recent season. Before airing on the A&E channel, the making of duck calls was only operated by one single person who is the matriarch of them all, Phil. He first started making the duck calls in an old shed. With Phil starting the business of manufacturing duck calls, he made the business what it is today. Since the business is family ran, the family is a very crucial part to the show.

The whole family makes the show hilarious and brings much personality to television today. The stars of the show really make the overall theme very enjoyable. Phil, who started the company has been married for over forty years to Ms. Kay. Then there is Willie who is the present CEO of the company and is the oldest of the three brothers. Jase is the middle brother who always has something to say. The youngest brother is Jep, who is married to Jessica. Last but not least is Si, I believe that Si has the most distinct personality and also is the funniest of them all. These are the many people that make the show what it is today.

The show Duck Dynasty is a very family friendly show that pertains to anyone. They keep many family traditions because family is the most crucial part to the show. Even though the show can get a little ridiculous sometimes, it still has the funny catch that reality TV needs. I think that Duck Dynasty takes a different perspective on television because it does not just deal with crazy relationships or living on the Jersey Shore. Overall the show is happy, happy, happy.

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