May 14, 2013
By Cassandraville SILVER, Bronx, New York
Cassandraville SILVER, Bronx, New York
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"Life is like a box of chocolates." - Forrest Gump.

I have been an avid fan of British television shows for the past three years due to a friend introducing me to Doctor Who. When I finally caught up on the series I was left with an empty void inside of me, where I did not know what to watch next or if any other show could match up to the amazing-ness of a series like Doctor Who. Two days later a show did indeed prove me wrong. I had found out about Sherlock through tumblr and I decided to begin watching it to see if it was any good. I had some prior knowledge about Sherlock, prior knowledge that everyone else had: Sherlock was a detective, wore a long coat and weird hat and had a partner in crime named Watson. The Sherlock series fully expands on all of that and brings you into a world that is just more than solving mysteries and lets you into the world of Sherlock and Watson. Every episode, all 90 minutes of it, kept me on my toes. Wanting to know what was coming next. I was sad when the 6 episodes I watched were over and I am now currently waiting for the next series to come out. The point of this review is to watch Sherlock because you won't be disappointed. Especially if you love British shows and mysteries.

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