May 10, 2013
The buzz about Scandal was fairly recent. At first, I just heard my older sister talking about the show. Then, it became more prominent classmates, underclassmen, upperclassmen, teachers, coaches, aunts, uncles. Everybody that I knew was talking about Scandal, so it only makes sense that I at least try it, right?


Within the first five minutes of the pilot episode I was captivated. The story centers around Olivia Pope - she's a self titled "fixer" who takes on problems and fixes them before they even reach the courtroom. Behind her is her quick team of Abby, Harrison, Huck & Quinn. Together, they are known as Pope & Associates. The show takes place in Washington D.C, the focal point of United States government and the story centers around that. When people have problems, Olivia will take them on as a client and will represent them to her fullest extent. She is known to use her team to get through sticky situations and she is not too scared to resort to dirty and underhanded methods to get her way.

The pilot episode begins with Quinn Perkins getting the job at Pope & Associates, one that she has long vied for. Her idolization of Olivia Pope lets us know how important Olivia really is to the political world. Throughout the episode, we get to know deeper into the plot and it definitely keeps you hooked. Cyrus, right hand man to President Fitzgerald Grant and White House Chief of Staff, talks to Olivia about a problem the president is having. Amanda Tanner accused Fitz - as he is affectionately named by friends - of having an affair with her. When Olivia scolds her, Amanda is sent to tears. Then we come to realization that Olivia herself had an affair with Fitz, that has been going on since his presidential campaign. The nickname "Sweet Baby", and the title of the episode - is what Olivia uses to realize that Fitz himself is lying and that Amanda is indeed truthful.

The impeccable art direction, directing and acting is what ultimately pulls Scandal together. They pair in shots of characters along with iconic marks of Washington D.C. to add realism and Shonda Rhimes (also the mastermind behind other hits shows like Grey's Anatomy) pulls in another hit with her name!

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