Gossip keeps me going!

April 26, 2013
I recently watched many episodes of a teen drama called 'Gossip Girl".I am hooked to it.It is not like a teen gets to learn a lot from it.But,there is definitely a factor that keeps me yearning for more and more.
Blair Waldorf,the queen bee of upper-east side and the ultimate it-girl,Serena Van Der Woodsen makes you think which one of them would you like to be!It is a difficult choice cause both are just fantastic.
The characters come alive and you can relate to them.It is all about betrayals,friendships,fair-weather friends and fake beauties.The plot is amazing!It is nothing like the stereotypical intense dramas and tragedies.It consists of witty one-liners and dialogues you can actually say in real to someone you don't like!I must say watching this sitcom has given me a take-no-nonsense-from-others kind of attitude.I like it!
The "xoxo gossip girl" will leave you craving for more.There are lot of fake well-wishers whom we trust and true friends whom we ignore in our life.Ultimately,it results in a person digging a grave for himself.The fake ones hand the victim the shovel by sugar-sweet words whereas sometimes the true ones might come to your rescue.
Watch out guys!It can be the same in the real world.In fact it is!This series will show you loads of examples of that.
There is just one thing you can do 'Trust yourself.No one else"
You know you love me xoxo gossip girl!

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