Buffy the vampire slayer

April 21, 2013
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Now, I know what you're saying"ugh a vampire show review" but this is not just a vampire show. This show has elements of scfi and fantasy!

The main character of this shows name is Buffy summers she is the slayer, and while she mainly fights vampires, her job is to protect the world from the forces of darkness along with her watcher Giles.

What makes Buffy so unique is that she has friends and family. Most slayers don't have friends and family. And also her watcher Giles is like a father figure to her.

I believe that this show is very realistic for a fantasy television show. I can relate to Buffy on a lot of things.

I believe that all of the actors do well in this show but Sarah Michelle Gellar did an outstanding job as Buffy Summers.

This show has it's action, it's comedy and it's sad moments, two episodes in and you will be hooked.

Final rating 5/5

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