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February 14, 2013
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Suits is undoubtedly one of the most charming new shows currently on TV that can keep the viewers at the edge of their seats, leaving them wanting more and more with every new episode. While most people think that a TV show about lawyers such as “Suits” isn’t appealing to teenage viewers, I particularly believe that it is the exact opposite with this show. It is not only for those youngsters who consider a judicial career for their future, but for all of those who want to see the entertaining part of being a lawyer.

The story encircles around a classy high-profile lawyer named Harvey Specter and his newly employed associate Mike Ross, a genius with amazing learning capabilities but with no law degree.

The entire storyline begins as Mike accidentally gets a job interview for an opening by an enormous, highly respected law firm; as the interview proceeds, he understands that he could benefit from the job he is being interviewed for and uses his unique persuading ability to convince the employer to be hired, even though he has no law degree.

On the other hand, the unorthodox responsible lawyer for the hiring, Harvey Specter, decides to offer Mike the job since he requires a skillful associate to assist him with various day-to-day law-related tasks. While he is reluctant at first to hire him because of the strict “Harvard graduates only” policy of the firm he represents, he however later decides to take a shot and doesn’t regret it.

The show has a lot of supporting characters and plot lines to keep the story enticing. Harvey’s sworn competitor, Louis Vitt, is constantly trying to distract Ross from doing his job in order to keep Specter displeased. Meanwhile, the intelligible Ross and the eccentric yet altruist Specter have a secret of their own – Ross never graduated from Harvard and Specter employed him willingly, thus putting his job in jeopardy.

I must say that very few shows have the ability to keep me as satisfied as “Suits” can. It is by far my most favorite TV show currently running because of its nature. The show is about high-profile lawyers and presents a wide variety of qualities through them, including class, intelligence with a plethora of comic plots.

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