The Walking Dead

January 9, 2013
By KimmiNimmi BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
KimmiNimmi BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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The Walking Dead is a show on AMC based on the comic books written by Robert Kirkman. The show is executive produced by Glen Mazzara, Robert Kirkman, Gale Hurd, and David Alpert. Denise Huth, Evan Reilly, and Greg Nicotero are the co-executives. The Walking Dead has been through three seasons so far, and winning two Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and a WGA Award. The series has made the charts as the most watched drama in history. The show is guaranteed to be giving you a heart attack by the second episode that you watch. If you’re into zombies, killings, drama, a bit of comedy, and intensity; then I recommend you watch The Walking Dead as I give it a five out of five rating. It is an excellent show.

The second season starts off slow as one of the members gets lost, and the rest of the group goes searching for her. In this season it is mostly based on character development. The viewers begin to get a feel on each character’s personalities; getting to decide which characters are their favorites, and which ones are not. The show introduces new characters, and a complete new setting. This time the setting takes place in a big open farm as the search for the missing group member still continues. At the end of the season the action begins to pick up again. The characters must leave the farm as it has been overrun by flesh eating zombies. This season might start off slow, but it gets dramatic as the characters begin to question the trust of one another.

The third season you get to meet new characters as well. After the farm was destroyed they found a prison, and cleared it out. Old and new characters are reunites, but the question they ask is, “Can they trust them?” The main character, Rick Grimes, has kept the whole group protected, and united as one. After the death of his wife, and the birth of his newborn child, he begins to lose his sanity. Rick begins to lose himself, and his 13 year old son, Carl Grimes, steps up and begins to lead the group. After he shot his mom before she could be turned into a “walker,” he got to view the world a little differently. Who would have thought that a 13 year old boy would have the guts to take charge of a group made up by adults?

The show takes its mid-season finale leaving the group to find out that a place called Woodbury is safe, and there are survivors inside. Rick takes charge saying that they are not leaving the prison, and risking their lives. The biggest problems are not the walker, but trying to keep their own humanity. Trying to stay who they are; they are challenged by trusting one another. Watching the show you begin to question if they are prepared for what’s ahead. As the quote “Fight the dead. Fear the living” takes place.

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