The Big Bang Theory

December 14, 2012
By Lkjones BRONZE, King George, Virginia
Lkjones BRONZE, King George, Virginia
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T.V. Review: Did you hear that? It’s the sound of the The Big Bang Theory!

“Our whole universe is in a hot dense sate, nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait…the Earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool, Neanderthals developed tools, we built the walls, we built the pyramids. Math, Science, History, unraveling the mysteries that all started with a big BANG!”

The Canadian band, The Bare Naked Ladies sang this catchy introduction to one of the 21st century’s best T.V. show! The Big Bang Theory was written, created, directed by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, is probably one of the funniest shows on television! Currently on CBS at 8:30 pm eastern time on Thursday nights! I tend to not like to miss an episode!

This show is based on two roommates, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons). They are doctors, one normal and the other is severely obsessive compulsive. This is a very interesting mix, Leonard (normal) and Sheldon (not so much) live across the hall from a failing actress, Penny (Kaley Cuoco). She is a lovely woman who has a witty heart of gold. Sheldon and Leonard are best friends with two other doctor-like men, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Howard (Simon Helberg).

Having about 6 seasons, I cannot go in to grave detail because I don’t want to spoil the story-line! But I can tell you the basics, Leonard and Sheldon live together. They become awkwardly best friends. Penny who loves both of these delightful blokes, love Leonard at little bit more. They “date” of and on, but I believe, deep-down, they both love each other. Howard and Raj act as the quirky knuckle heads to keep the ball rolling. Raj joins the other men as he is a doctor. Howard is only an engineer, which is nothing to snicker at to normal people but the guys don’t miss a beat to joke him about it!

Newly introduced would be the Howards girlfriend, Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). She also is has a Ph.D. in Biology. She is a sweetheart but if Howard does wrong she’ll tell him! Next we have Sheldon’s “girlfriend,” Amy Farrah-Fowler (Mayim Bialik), who also has a Ph.D. She is an awkward person like Sheldon, so the get along nicely. They all coincide, in one big family-like team!

Now, I have demonstrated that I love this show very much, but why? I adore this sitcom because it is not only funny but relatable. Yes, we aren’t all doctors of science, but most of us have that family-like group of friends that have our backs whenever we need them. As you can gather from the name of the show, it is science-y but there is no need to fear about not understanding intellectual jokes. Sheldon will save the day, and break-down every piece of the punch line until you understand which is nice! This show is filled with gut-busting funnies that will just put joy into your night! I have watched this show from season 1 and it has not gotten boring yet! The writer’s did a superb job on the story-line. I cannot say enough about this show! The only bad part about it is that it is only 30 minutes long!

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