Teen Mom 2

December 3, 2012
By Anonymous

The episode of Teen Mom 2 is pretty much congruent to 16 and Pregnant. Its about four teenage girls that all have at least one kid. The have been going through many struggles in their lives such as breakups, marriage issues, and addictions.
Leah is an 20 year old mother of two from Elkview, West Virginia. She has two children named Aliannah and Aleeah and they are both twins. She was a former high School cheerleader but it all came to an end when she found out that she was pregnant during her junior year of high school. She is now married to Jeremy Calvert. This would be her second marriage and she is also having her third child by him.
Kailyn Lowry is a 20 year old that has 1 child named Isaac. She is a well focused mother that raises her child on her own. Her and the “baby daddy” have splitting up due to various fights. She a mother that is very motivating and up lifting. She is currently with her coworker Joden. She looks up to him for help and for raising the child. She goes to school full time and has 2 jobs that she is currently working at.
Chelsea Houska is a mother of 1 at the age of 21. She is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Her daughter Aubree is a sensation to her. She hasn't graduated from high school yet but is getting there slowly. She is also trying to get over her daughters dad Adam. Her family hopes the best for her and tries to tell her to stay away from Adam for good.
Jenelle Evans is an 20 year old from Oak Island, North Carolina. She has one child name Jace and his dad is name Kieffer. Her mother has custody f her because she is a party girl and doesn't act like a responsible mother. While hanging out with Kieffer she has been doing the wrong things. If she stays with him then she is going to put her self in a bad position. She just needs to grow up and act like an adult!!!

The author's comments:
I would rate this show about a 8. I don't recommend this to kids under the age of 12. The reason why is because yes it has foul language. I started watching the show because one of my friends recommended me to watch it. Once I saw it for the first time then I was hooked. It really showed how much these girls go through and how its not easy at all to take care of a baby and to do school work at the same time.

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