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December 3, 2012
The Walking Dead has become one of America’s most watched shows. The Walking Dead is another one of AMC’s greatest shows. Based off the comic book created by Robert Kirkman, it tells the story of former police officer Rick Grimes and several survivors in the zombie apocalypse. The pilot episode “days gone by” started the epic journey of Rick as he awakes from a coma to this zombie nightmare. His wife Laurie and son Carl are missing and he must find them. Soon enough after finding his family and other survivors they set up camp outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The season 1 finale “TS-19” shows Rick and his group leave the camp after it was attacked the night before. They went to the CDC in search of a cure. They were unsuccessful. They finally left Atlanta to Fort Bragg, Starting Season 2. In season 2 the show starts with the episode
“what lies ahead”. The group is on the highway which has been overflowed with abandoned cars. The group is ambushed by a herd of zombies.
They hid under cars while the zombies or “walkers” went by. One of the younger characters, Sophia was attacked by a walker and she fled to the forest to escape. Rick ran after her and told her to hide. After taking care of the walkers she was gone. The first half of the season was based on searching for Sophia. The group finds they’re way to a barn after Carl is shot by one of their residents. While he is recovering they are allowed to stay at the barn but after they must leave. Soon one of the Atlanta survivors, Glenn is in a relationship with the Farmer’s daughter, Maggie. Glenn stumbles upon a barn that is full of walkers. Forcing Glenn to make a choice: tell the group and lose Maggie’s trust, or put the group in danger. He eventually tells his friends. In the episode “pretty much already dead”, Rick’s best friend, Shane, Opens the barn and kills all the walkers inside. This strongly upsets the Farmer, Herschel. After clearing the barn the final walker emerges and turns out to be Sophia. After discovering this, the group slowly falls apart. By the episode
“better angels” Rick and Shane are at odds. Shane had slept with Rick’s wife and she later turned out to be pregnant. Not knowing who the father is that puts them against each other. Shane finally has one final showdown with Rick, forcing Rick to kill his best friend. Soon after, the barn is invaded by walkers. In the Season 2 finale,
“beside the dying fire”, the group must leave the barn and escape the walkers. The group becomes separated and lost. Soon after finding each other they gather together and they discover what Rick had done. They all were surprised but knew it needed to be done. It is also discovered that Rick knew all along that everyone in the world carries the disease of the infection and whether they die of natural causes or not they will all become one of them eventually. The final scene shows the new setting for season 3 in the moonlight, a prison. The Walking Dead is the greatest show on television and it is strongly recommended by all of its viewers. The season 2 finale was the most watched finale in television history.

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MarieAntoinette2012 said...
Dec. 21, 2012 at 1:13 pm
It's a great article, but I really do not like this show. They do the same things week after week. The only real episode that stood out was when Rick killed Shane. Just sayin.
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