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October 30, 2012
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As Coco Chanel once said “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.” Well it looks like she’s got some competition. Enter 16 year old Jane Quimby, who lives and breathes fashion.
When Jane Quimby unexpectedly lands a job at noted fashion company Donovan Decker, her world changes drastically. She now has to manage keeping her age concealed from her strict boss Gray, and her job hidden from her high school. She’s not alone though. Jane’s best friend Billy Nutter goes to great lengths to help her succeed.
“Jane by Design,” an ABC Family television series, is captivating. It is a great show for teens because it draws in its viewers with its common themes and problems, but addresses them uniquely. The episodes also focus on Jane’s social life. For example, Jane covets popular jock Nick Fadden. Classic, right? However, that is the only cliché aspect of the show. All of the characters are original and striking, and they are hard to forget.
Jane and Billy have been best friends as long as they can remember. They have no secrets. Their relationship is genuine and it is equal to that of siblings. They would both do anything to help each other. Billy even walked out of class to answer a call from Jane, despite knowing the consequence would be detention.
I don’t know about other viewers, but I wish I had my own Billy for a best friend. His reckless, rebellious, yet sensitive and vulnerable personality is brought to life wonderfully by actor Nick Roux. Jane, on the other hand, is witty, precocious, and quirky. She is also down to earth and at times naïve. Erica Dasher, who plays Jane, describes her in a T.V. interview with Synergistic as “a cool, fun, character with a good sense of humor.” Nick Roux described how he had plenty of say in the outcome of Billy’s character and even shaped Billy’s sense of style to match his own.
Jane’s work life is very different from her social life. With all of her co-workers thinking she’s 23, Jane is pressured to act older than she is, which enhances the humor of the show. When Jane’s boss Gray says “Jump,” you say “How high?” or run the risk of being fired. Played by Andie MacDowel, Gray depends on Jane to be her personal assistant. Sometimes Jane is even given impossible tasks, from dealing with Gray’s personal life to answering her phone calls.
Another reason why “Jane by Design” differs from typical teen T.V. shows is the way it is directed. Gavin Polone, the renowned producer and director, developed the show fittingly. The decision to focus on other secondary characters so Jane’s life isn’t the only story being told is one factor that makes it worth watching. You may find out things about characters that Jane herself may not know, and that builds the drama and the suspense of the show. We see some clips of Jane’s older brother Ben’s life and snarky popular girl Lulu’s problems.
The show addresses fashion in a modern way, each of the characters having a distinct personal style. Billy always gels his hair back and wears clothing that is considered punk. Jane’s style varies each day, but it is always refreshing and modern and usually displays her mood or the feeling of the episode. The fashion segments of the show are very polished. In some episodes, the main problem is creating a dress or collection to be showcased. The process shown where the designers sketch and choose fabric creates a realistic work atmosphere.
“Jane by Design” is overall a funny, different show. Even though you might question if Jane would approve of your fashion sense, it’s worth it. As Jane’s boss Gray says, “That would be all.”

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coolnessmonstah said...
Nov. 15, 2012 at 7:39 pm
I love the review and now i am looking forward to trying Jane by Design.  I love other ABC family shows too and i am convinced i will love this one. :)
Gigi:P said...
Nov. 4, 2012 at 5:11 pm
AWESOME.  This is my favorite review out of all the ones I have read so far. Keep on writing! :D
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