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October 21, 2012
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“Put your choice television show into a sub category of day time television,” my assignment sheet reads, making me face the greatest confusion of all my years. But… this show can’t really be categorized; it’s too unique! It’s not a tabloid talk show, and not a 45-minute advice rant, nor is it a news broadcast; it’s simply The Ellen DeGeneres Show! This show, with already over 1,500 episodes on her tenth season, airing every week on NBC, cannot be simply grouped with any other mediocre unoriginal American show, simply because Ellen DeGeneres, the host, and only member of the cast, is a truly outstanding comedian with opinions that almost anyone can agree with, and a humor that every living being will find enjoyable.

The show, as a whole, mainly consists of weekly celebrity interviews, comedic games that require the participation of the audience, reoccurring segments showcasing the variety of things that Ellen gets sent to her, and so much more. The celebrity interviews, which may, when vaguely mentioned, sound boring and tabloid-like, are perhaps some of the funniest parts of the show, for Ellen has a unique way of making her guests feel comfortable, by asking short funny questions, just to talk to them, rather than asking personal questions that the member might feel uncomfortable answering to anyone, especially on live television. A guest that loves being on the show is the infamous actor, singer, and of course heartthrob, Justin Timberlake. This celebrity, for example, is well known for always making surprise appearances when he is in the area, as well as for being a member of the “Hunk Week” that Ellen had hosted. Other guests of DeGeneres include Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and numerous more. Ellen, aside from celebrities who are known worldwide, also often invites people from popular online videos, or who have faces unique experiances. Celebrity interviews appear regularly throughout the episodes, and are a huge part of why the show is so successful and is enjoyed by so many.
Aside from interviews, DeGeneres is also famous for her reoccurring segments. Some of the ones that are best known include “Whats Wrong With These Signs,” “Tea Time With Sophia Grace and Rosie,” “Clumbsy Thumbsy,” “Ellen’s Dance Dare,” and “Oh Puh-lice.”Almost all are mockeries and explanations of pictures and data sent in to Ellen by her viewers. My personal favorite is the “Ellen’s Dance Dare” segment, which is basically where DeGeneres dares her viewers to send in videos of themselves dancing obnoxiously behind oblivious pedestrians, which is always funny. Another aspect of the show, which can’t exactly be considered a segment, is Ellen’s constant chatting with DJ Tony, the disc jockey for the program. Degeneres often ridicules him, yet they act very natural and friendly towards one another on stage.
There are numerous reasons why the show is so great. For starters, it is evident through her actions that DeGeneres if very passionate about what she does. In all ten seasons, she had only skipped four days of filming, twice for a strike and twice for personal issues, and is always doing things to give back to her viewers and the community. Ellen, just through small acts on her show, has raised millions of dollars for various charities, ranging from helping after the devastating Hurricane Katrina, to supporting a cure for breast cancer. Secondly, and most obviously, Ellen DeGeneres has a fantastic sense of humor, and always knows the right things to say at the right exact second in order to make her viewers laugh. In addition, the show is very well planned, and it is rare that, besides the fact that it is a talk show, there is rarely and awkwardness or mistake. The show seems very polished, but still very natural, which is obviously very difficult to maintain. Lastly, it is always highly enjoyable to see celebrities in the most natural state that one can possibly see on television. Almost all celebrities feel very comfortable on the Ellen show and even embarrass themselves just to make the viewers happy! If one ever tunes into the Ellen DeGeneres show, it is almost impossible that he find a flaw!
Based on the information given, one can conclude that I am certainly not the only person who enjoys this show so much, and for that exact reason, DeGeneres’ show has one several awards, all of which were most certainly well deserved. Firstly, the show has an average of 2.74 million viewers per episode. In addition, the show has been honored with thirty-two daytime Emmy awards, and DeGeneres was personally honored with the Award for Outstanding Talk show Host four times. The show has also been syndicated in several countries worldwide, such as Argentina, Norway, Ireland, and the Philippines. The show has certainly become tremendously honorable and renowned throughout its past 10 seasons.

Now, grab that remote, don’t be a “Clumbsy Thumbsy,” click to NBC, and go watch an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show!

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Could be better... Include more visual vocab.
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