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September 4, 2012
By Alex Gitkin BRONZE, Wykoff, New Jersey
Alex Gitkin BRONZE, Wykoff, New Jersey
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For the past eight years, television has been revitalized by the NBC comedy “The Office.” These years have been filled with “that's what she said” and many other witty jokes that make this show so iconic. “The Office” was one of the first sitcoms to use the “mockumentary” format and chuck the laugh track. Unfortunately, the show has suffered a steady decline in the past few seasons. While still one of NBC's most watched comedies, it is time to cancel “The Office” rather than allowing its slow, painful death.

Last season, Steve Carell, who portrayed regional manager Michael Scott, decided to vacate his role to focus on a movie career. This definitely left a void in the comedic element. Michael had always been the funniest and most beloved character. With his exit, questions about the new manager were quickly answered when salesman Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) was promoted. James Spader (“Boston Legal”) also came onboard as new CEO.

While these seemed like promising steps toward an improved “Office” life, the departures continued. Popular character Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) is leaving to lead a spinoff series. In addition, the show's producer, who also plays Toby, is taking his skills to Dwight's spinoff. ­Furthermore, award-winning writer and supporting cast member Mindy Kaling has considered leaving “The Office” to start her own show. Finally, it was announced that James Spader's character would be a cameo for last season only. Despite these significant losses, plans are for “The Office” to continue.

While it may seem drastic, it is time to cancel “The Office.” With its spiraling direction, it will not get the sendoff it and its viewers deserve. While many may dispute that the love, enthusiasm, and potential for the show remains, they are hiding behind the scary truth that “The Office” is slowly faltering. This beloved show deserves a rightful ending, and the only solution is to cancel it.

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