August 13, 2012
ust love to give Ryan Murphy and his writing staff a well deserved round of applause for doing a good job with season 3 of Glee so far.

Season One of Glee was inspiring, it seemed to get better and better with every episode and it had the most memorable, infectious and brilliant story lines and covers in all of Glee story. The magic , however, was that the covers fit perfectly into the story lines.No gimmick, just pure Glee.

Then there was season two , the highly anticipated comeback season that did not live up. Season 2 of Glee, left myself and many Gleeks wanting more. Don't get me wrong there were some awesomely produced episodes such as "Grilled Cheesus" and "Funeral"that would make even Glee's critics proud to call themselves Gleeks. But for the most part, the season was over produced with ridiculous story lines that just did no hold up. The second season was also anything but coherent, with a new set of directors and producers almost every episode, it seemed like none of the writers even watched the show or they only watched the episodes they wrote. It seemed that with every new episode, a new story line emerged that rendered the previous ones pointless. there was little to no coherency in the previous season of Glee.

Another problem that i had with season 2 were the big, over-the-top-and-overly-produced musical numbers. Although i loved seeing the bigger than life Glee productions (Singing in the rain/Umbrella and Thriller/Heads Will Roll) they just weren't realistic and contradicted a major part of the script.

My last complaint (i promise) about Season 2 was the way fit into the script , they didn't. It was a bit disappointing that most of the songs featured in Season 2 were top 40 singles or classics arranged to sound like top 40 singles. The Broadway and Classic essence of Glee was present but not as powerful and dominant as it was in season 1. The featured songs seemed forced an irrelevant in Season 2.There were also some random non Top 40 songs that were awkward insertions in the script. My favorite example is the warbler's rendition of Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny's Child.

Why? You may wonder, if i love Glee as much as i claim i do, would i go on such a long rant on things i don't like about it. Better still, what does any of this have to do with season 3. The answer is simple. The things that i have listed above are the things that this new season of Glee does not have, at least not yet.

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