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August 10, 2012
By DarkPoet45 BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
DarkPoet45 BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
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Victorious is a TV show on Nickelodeon its about a teenage girl Tori Vega who Is in a School for the talented this character is played by the lovely Victoria Justice.the next Character in this shoe is Trina Vega she is Tori`s Older sister Unfortunately Trina is untalented This Character is Played by Daniella Monet. This red-Headed Character is not so smart but is a really good singer Her Name is Cat Valentine she is Played By Ariana Grande . The Next Character is and weird guy with the urge to be cool The person is Robbie Shapiro who has a little friend named Rex Powers these Characters are played by Matt Bennett and Jake Farrow These Last 3 Characters are Beck Oliver , Jade West , and Andre Harris . Andre has a passion for music he`s a amazing songwriter but but his grandma isn't so normal. this Character is played by Leon Thomas Ill . Jade west is an Amazing singer and actress but she has a bit of a dark side this Character is played by Elizabeth Gillies . Lastly Beck Oliver He is an amazing actor but he is a pretty boy all girls stare at him . So, all character have a little down side but they`re going places.

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